The Different Nutritional Needs of Men and Women

The Different Nutritional Needs of Men and Women

Did you know? Men and women have 99% identical DNA. This may come as a surprise to many and their arguments of social construct, but the fact remains true! However, despite the similarity in genetic structure, there are some marked differences in the nutritional needs of both genders.

Caloric intake, for example, varies by gender, as well as age, weight, and lifestyle. On average, men require more calories in the day than women do. This of course depends on the previously stated factors.

Men’s Nutritional Needs

As (healthy, active) men have a higher percentage of muscle mass and less fat than women, maintaining a healthy protein intake is important.

Men Nutritional Needs


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B vitamins

B vitamins are important for everyone, but men usually need more B vitamins to sustain the level of energy their bodies need. To give yourself a natural boost of energy in your day, men and women both should take Nutrilite Natural B Complex to get their daily dose of important B vitamins.


Ever wonder why men take forever in the toilet? They might need more fibre in their diets! An excess of carbohydrates can cause constipation, as well as weight gain and potentially affect your blood sugar.

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Women’s Nutritional Needs

While women also need B vitamins, protein, and fibre, they also need certain nutrients more than men. For women, it’s important to get enough calcium, vitamin D and iron.

Women Nutritional Needs

Calcium & vitamin D

Calcium and vitamin D are important for supporting bone health. As women have a lower bone density than men, calcium and vitamin D play vital roles in their health. Starting a healthy routine of taking supplements as well as eating a balanced diet will help prevent bone loss, osteoporosis, and brittle bones as you age.

Calcium & vitamin D respectively: 1,000mg daily (minimum)

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As women go through a certain Time of Month, it's important to make up for the iron and blood loss with iron supplements. A lack of iron in your diet may cause brittle nails, hair loss, and fatigue.

Recommended iron intake: 18mg daily

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Women Nutritional Needs

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