Why, When and How to Take Your Supplements

Why, When and How to Take Your Supplements

Want to get the most from your supplements? Follow the label.

It’s that simple, says nutrition scientist Kristin Morris. “There’s a science behind usage instructions. If the label says take one supplement, three times per day, trust it. Compliance helps your body absorb as much of the nutrient as it can.”

“Dividing doses ensures maximum absorption,” continues Morris, a senior scientist at Amway. The secret to compliance is twofold: consistency and comfort. “Routine is critical,” Morris says. Her tips:

  1. Store supplements in an obvious place, like with daily prescriptions, keeping in mind that supplements should always be kept away from children.
  2. Unless the label says not to, take everything together. “Wait until later and you risk forgetting. Supplements do no good in the bottle.”
  3. Routine drives consistent results, too. “Supplements don’t stick around in the body, so they must be taken consistently to keep nutrients at a steady state.”
  4. To enhance comfort, keep a log, especially when introducing new supplements. “If something upsets your stomach, consider how you’re taking it – on an empty stomach? With food? With medications? Speak with your doctor if you have questions.”
  5. While food may help avoid stomach upset, effectiveness (and safety) relies on following directions. “In some cases, like iron, stomach acids actually promote absorption. And functional supplements like Nutrilite CB Plus must be taken as directed or you lose their desired activity.”

Curious about which supplements to take? Morris suggests consulting the Nutrilite Supplement Recommender (coming soon) and checking with your doctor. “Genetics, diet, weight and lifestyle vary. Through a series of simple questions, the tool identifies and targets nutritional gaps, so you can choose your best supplements.”