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Do Kids Need Multivitamins?

Between school activities, sports and playtime, today’s kids lead active lives and are always on the go. As responsible parents, you’ll want to ensure that they are always protected, happy and full of energy. Making sure that your children are eating healthy is therefore extremely important, even more so for young kids who are growing and developing rapidly. 

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Making protein powder tasty and nutritious

A protein is a protein is a protein? Not according to Amway Food Lab Scientists Gene Maly and Troy Nietling.

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It Takes Guts to be Healthy!

It takes guts to be healthy! Good gut health is central to good overall health.

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Nutrilite Soy Protein Drink (900g)

What does a child, teenager, adult and an elderly need daily for cell formation and survival? Protein! But, how does it benefit each age group?

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