Ageing joints need glucosamine

Ageing joints need glucosamine

We use our joints all day, every day. Whether we’re keeping up with a running routine or just climbing the stairs, daily life takes a toll on our joints.

Because our joints play so many roles in our daily routines, supporting them should be a high priority. Nutrients like glucosamine can help support your joints and keep them moving. Glucosamine is the main building block for healthy joints.

“As we get older, our joints need more glucosamine than our bodies can produce,” says Jina Hong, Ph.D., nutrition investigator for the Nutrilite brand.

In addition to adding glucosamine to your supplement routine, here are more ways to help support healthy joints and mobility at any age:

  • Rethink your diet. Some foods may fight inflammation, including fish and soybeans, packed with omega-3 fatty acids; anthocyanins-filled cherries; and calcium-rich dairy products.
  • Stretch before and after cardio activity. Gentle stretching gets your joints ready for more intense activity. And a good cool-down stretch can help ease joint stress.
  • Adjust your workout. If you can’t manage an all-out run, take a walk with a friend, or enjoy a bike ride. Any activity is healthy – especially if you can avoid pain or injury!